Welcome to Basil Ishkabibble’s
Art Gallery & Artist Share-Space!

To All Travelers in Search of a Destination:
To All Artists in Search of a Home:

No need to look further, because Basil Ishkabibble’s Art Gallery & Artist Share-Space is open and ready to welcome all with arms opened wide.

It’s unfortunate, but there is only a smattering of locations along the Lake Michigan shoreline between Sheboygan & Green Bay available for showcasing the talents of traditional, contemporary and outside-the-box local artists. We aim to start a trend of growth of such places in Manitowoc County that will not only highlight the abundant artistic talent in our community (acrylics, oils, photography, assemblage, sculpture, textile, jewelry) but also provide these gifted people with 24/7/365 space in which to create.

Our Artist Share-Space will soon be available for rent, at a very affordable price, to our imaginative and passionate local residents to create as their schedules allow or when inspiration hits them like a bolt from the blue. A formal share-space opening date will be announced.

As construction progresses we will continue to post photos, and also keep everyone up-to-date on dates based in reality!

In addition, the gallery will also be available as a venue for hosted & catered events. Please check out (and Like) our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages to keep apprised of upcoming events and to see all that we’re doing at the gallery!

In the words of the inimitable Georgia O’Keeffe:

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.”

There is much pluck and flair in the Two Rivers area! Time to shine!

See You Soon!

Darla LeClair

Darla Le Clair
Owner/Artist, Basil Ishkabibble’s Art Gallery & Artist Share-Space

Darla Le Clair