Basil Ishkabibble's Artist Profiles

Kevin Willert

Kevin Willert

A native of Manitowoc County, Kevin Willert is Basil’s business partner and resident artist. He spent the better part of a decade in retail visual display. He has also illustrated books, designed signs, and helped in the creation of the kid’s mural in the atrium at the Manitowoc Public Library.

Kevin’s other interests outside of the art realm are the Native American artifacts he has acquired over the last decade or so. To go along with the artifact hunting, he has been the Editor for the Badger State Archaeological Society for almost as many years.


Brian Adams

Brian Adams is the owner of Adams Photography and is a resident of Two Rivers. He has enjoyed photography since he was a child, taking it to the next level in 2013. He sees an amazing world through his camera lens, finding art and beauty in everything he photographs.

Brian truly loves his craft and is fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling, and collaborating with amazing people.


Taylor Detrick

Taylor Detrick has always been drawn to art, and began practicing and teaching herself at age 12. Her skills were honed through high school and college where she earned an associates degree in graphic design.

Taylor’s dream is to amaze the people with her artwork by bringing into focus the main point of each picture and adding intense color or “glow” around the rest.

renee dusha

Renee Dusha

Renee Dusha is owner/operator of Pixel Productions Photography in Green Bay, WI. She has a degree in Digital Media from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and enjoys photography and many other digital art forms as well.

Renee grew up in a family of photography enthusiasts, and her dad helped her learn the creative aspects of photography. She attributes her early and lasting love for the lens to him, and now specializes in weddings and location photography. She loves to capture landscapes, architecture and night scenery.


Ariane Gunderson

Ariane Gunderson is a young artist in college who just moved to Two Rivers from southeast Wisconsin. Ariane began creating art at the age of five and has enjoyed exploring various forms of art throughout her life. She especially loves painting, watercolors, alcohol ink, jewelry, and Pinterest crafting.

Ariane also teaches soulful yoga classes in Two Rivers, Manitowoc and Green Bay. Her other interests are: death metal, Motörhead, Metallica, Judas Priest, motorcycles, gardening, reading, knitting and exploring.

Freedom Joy

Freedom Joy

Freedom Joy is a local artist recently returned from Eureka, California. Raised in Two Rivers, she has developed a passion for the people and the land.

Freedom’s hope is to see the arts explode and for Two Rivers to become known for its beauty and creativity. It is her tremendous pleasure to be among the great number of creative minds in this area and be able to share how she sees the world and her perspective on life through the visual arts.

Craig Knitt

Craig Knitt

Craig Knitt is a storyteller, and one of the founders of the Wildwood Film Festival. He is also an art educator and filmmaker with more than 20 years of experience. Throughout that time he has taught every aspect of filmmaking to countless students. Currently he is teaching graphic design and visual arts (including filmmaking when it applies) for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay. He is one of twelve artists with the Youth Arts Initiative, made possible through a grant from the Wallace Foundation. His films have earned much recognition. “Drip” was selected as the Best Wisconsin Short film at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival.

Steve Koch

Steve Koch

Steve carves two dimensional pieces like fireplaces and other designs in addition to the 3D carvings on display at the gallery.

Steve says that every stone has something in it that wants to come out, and he puts love into every piece of stone he strikes with his hammer and sculpts with his point chisel. He encourages people to touch the pieces, because, stone is full of energy just like people and it is grounding for the soul to physically touch it.

Keith Koch

Keith Koch

A Two Rivers native, Keith Koch developed a deep respect for the abundant beauty of this area at an early age, and has a profound connection to nature.

Keith’s style of photography is spontaneous. He doesn’t sit and wait for a shot, but rather it “finds him,” often while hiking with his free-spirited Border Collies.

Keith’s style is fresh and eye-catching, always on the go, and it shows!


Dean Konop

Born in Two Rivers in 1973 and a Studio Art graduate from Silver Lake College, Dean Konop recognized his creativity in early childhood, and was fascinated by painting, drawing, sculpting, and especially drawing “big heads, small bodies.”

His life was forever changed in fourth grade when his teacher asked him to draw one student, and he ended up drawing the whole class in caricature.

Dean has created over 500 celebrity caricatures that are actually signed by the subjects themselves, making them highly desirable to fans and collectors.


Jody Kuchar

Jody Kuchar is a published author and working visual artist, and a member of the Lakeshore Artist Guild. In 2013, Jody and family relocated to Manitowoc and intends to never move again.

Jody and her spouse Ken are owned by two lovely parrots who curse like sailors and have great expectations.

paul lesch

Paul Lesch

Paul Lesch discovered his creative talents at a very early age. Whether it be drawing, painting, airbrushing, inking, sculpture or photography, he has a unique vision of how he perceives the world around us, and showcases it within his work.

Paul is a big believer in the viewer’s perception on what the art means to them. His work can mean many different things to many people and he embraces those perspectives knowing that this is the beauty of interpreting art.

kara lyons

Kara Lyons

Born and raised in Two Rivers, Kara Lyons is a self-taught jewelry artist. She spent 15 years away from the area in the suburbs of Chicago, IL and Raleigh, NC and returned to the lakeshore area in 2009 for family and a slower pace of life.

Kara finds inspiration everywhere including nature, architecture and industrial design. The result is work featuring a variety of styles and techniques. Her designs incorporate natural materials such as copper, sterling silver and natural stones. Each piece is crafted with care to produce high quality artisanal jewelry designed to be worn and enjoyed.

john rohrer

John Rohrer

“The Wisconsin landscape has inspired my photography for the past 40 years. Our forests, lakes, and farms offer an abundance of imagery. Working mostly in black and white, I seek out images of elegance, balance, and mystery.”

John Rohrer’s photography has been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the state, and are in the permanent collections of the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Neville Public Museum, and the Rahr West Art Museum.

He has taught photography at the University of Wisconsin Manitowoc, and at Silver Lake College.

Phyllis Schultz

Phyllis Schultz

Phyllis Schultz is a lifelong resident of Manitowoc County, and the proud mother of photographer Keith Koch, who is also represented by Basil Ishkabibble’s Art Gallery.

Phyllis loves photography and working in her garden. Her handmade greeting cards feature photos that she took of her flowers in full bloom, which gets the bees buzzing and the butterflies fluttering.

jordan willert

Jordan Willert

Jordan Michael Willert is a Manitowoc native, and is currently enrolled in college at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He has always been interested in art and decided quite a while ago that this is what he wanted to pursue as a career choice. He dabbles in all sorts of artistic mediums and at this point is playing around with photography. The epitome of a starving artist, he is in college you know, Mac and cheese dreams, he is planning to become an illustrator/graphic artist.

Jordan has other interests that include travel, golfing, hiking, biking, computer gaming, and hanging with his friends.

monnie wilson

Monnie Wilson

As a self taught artist, Monnie Wilson has been involved professionally in the art world for well over 30 years. From a juried artist at countless mid-western art shows; a gift and antique shop owner; to hercurrent online site, there isn’t much of the creative process left untried for her.

A portion of Monnie’s work involves eclectic creations assembled using vintage antique pieces from the past to create unique art dolls and displays. She feels that the time tested belief that art in all media should reflect an intimate and irregular quality that makes a statement of original design and character.

Elijah Willert

Elijah Willert

Elijah Willert is a Manitowoc native and son of resident artist Kevin Willert. Elijah has many interests including antiquing, tinkering, working on his beloved old truck, working on his car, exploring, hiking, biking, and going on trips. He took up photography in High School, and has continued to peruse Manitowoc County and has taken many photos of the area. He also has taken photos as he has traveled with family to different parts of the US. Not quite sure of what he wants to do at this point, he has taken time off from school and is trying to figure out that part of his life.